About You

Are you a Strategic purchaser, Supplier or Logistician

  • Do you solve daily how to supply your production in the most efficient way
  • Is cutting of costs for delivered material your target
  • Do you work on projects of minimizing stocks
  • Do you work on shortening of delivery terms

Thanks to our independence and experience in this field, we will prepare the best offer. We are constantly looking for new, high-quality and reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

Are you a process engineer, technologist, production manager

  • Do you deal with removing of bottlenecks and improving your production
  • Is it your task to mark your production facilities
  • Do you figure out how to mark, protect and pack your products in a better way
  • Is it your goal to reduce the financial or time-consuming bottlenecks of production

We will come to you and we will propose a solution in accordance to your specification (based on a non-binding consultation). We will prepare a pricing of the solution and once that it will be agreed, we will prepare an implementation plan

Are you a researcher, designer, planner

  • Are you interested in technological innovations and trends in the field of bonding, sticking, labeling, packaging, protecting of surfaces, cleaning
  • Would you like to see their application and would you like to know their real benefits in serial production
  • Are you designing a label for your product or a label for the packaging

We will visit you with samples of materials and we will introduce to you improvement options for your specific parts and products.